Officially founded in 2012, Keep Up was born and bred amongst a rapidly evolving and exciting Australian art scene. Inspired by artists locally and globally, the founder of Keep Up (KZAM), after noticing the lack of opportunities for graffiti and street artists in Perth, set out to de-stigmatize graffiti and street art by bringing together a diverse team of artists from all fields and walks of life. With the idea of joining forces under one banner to essentially achieve success through collaboration, and change the overall mindset of graffiti and street art not traditionally being welcomed into a gallery space. Keep Up achieves this by putting on exhibitions and events that show side by side that all our artists, no matter the background, have serious talent that deserve recognition for their efforts in their particular field, whether that be a $20,000 fine art piece, or a burner on the side of the train tracks.

Since conceptualization in 2012, Keep Up has been contributing greatly to the Australian art scene with a hugely diverse collective of artists through organizing and hosting a range of events and projects including; solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, public murals, workshops, art events/fairs, magazine launches, artists series collaborative apparel, and much, much more. Our list of affiliated artists and their respected fields continue to grow, and with such exciting new concepts for future projects, plans and collaborations with our artists, we are really looking forward to being able to share our work and passion with you. Keep Up aims to be a 'one-stop-shop' for all your artistic needs, we are open to any form of commission work, and with our range of artists including but not limited to, muralists, fine artists, graffiti and street artists, digital artists, photographers, videographers, tattooists, sculpture artists, contempary, abstract artists and more, Keep Up is strongly suited to cater to a wide variety of artistic and creative requirements. If you would like to know any further information regarding our services, artists, commissions, quotes etc. please don't hesitate to send us a email at

All Keep Up merchandise and apparel has always, and will always be Australian owned, sourced, produced, and made. With a firm belief in 'Supporting Locals', Keep Up aims to be the most reliable, affordable, and convenient distributor for our artists' work and our collaborative apparel. Keep Up takes absolutely no commission from our artists' work, allowing our artists and you to enjoy the cheapest and most reliable outlet/platform for artwork and apparel in Australia.

In the near future, Keep Up plans to host even bigger and more exciting group exhibitions and events, to be held all over Australia and eventually Internationally. With a vision of opening up stores to cater to exhibitions, live events, retail outlets, mural spaces and more, we are confident we will make waves in the Australian and International art scene. One main goal for Keep Up in the near future is to open up community spaces, including Perth's first 'open air gallery', which will cater as a public mural space for Perth. This will allow aspiring artists to practice and hone in on their skills surrounded and guided by experienced and talented artists in a safe and professional environment. This will be Australia's first ever official open air public art space to essentially be an Australian 'Graffiti and Street Art' hall of fame. Unfortunately at this point in time, Perth has no legal spaces available for people wanting to practice 'graffiti'/public art. Consequently, this forces young people wanting to practice to turn to the streets and perform illegal activities, which essentially leads to the 'eye sore' commonly dubbed as 'tagging'. As such, causes a bad stigma around graffiti and the aerosol can. However, Keep Up endeavours to change this. With an unmeasurable amount of talent amongst our team of artists, we are confident we can change the view of those not open to our practices over the course of time, and in turn will allow the future generations to have more opportunities rather than penalties.

If you would like to know more or have any questions about Keep Up, including how to join our team, or would like to get in contact with, and/or commission any of our artists, please feel free to contact us at

To stay up to date with everything Keep Up related, including upcoming events, exhibitions, giveaways and more, make sure to follow our social media accounts --> @keepupklan Keep Up Facebook

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