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Photographs by Rennie Ellis and p1xels: Capturing the message

Photographs by Rennie Ellis and p1xels: Capturing the message – protest, graffiti and art showcases the importance of photographers documenting ephemeral aspects of our urban landscape – through their lenses they frame the political, social and cultural discourse in our public spaces.

Ellis’s photographs capture word-based graffiti of the 1970s and 1980s, which were an effective method of communicating a social message on a large scale in the days before social media.

Images captured in recent times by p1xels provide a different insight where messages are still communicated on walls, but may be conveyed in a more subtle form using illustrative imagery in addition to text.

The exhibition investigates the disparate styles of photographing graffiti from the documentary style of Ellis’ photography to the more aesthetic approaches of p1xels photographs.

Photographs by Rennie Ellis and p1xels: Capturing the message – protest, graffiti and art is curated by Georgia Rouette.

Exhibition dates: 29 November to 22 December 2017
Exhibition opening: Thursday 30 November 6 pm

The Gallery, St Kilda Town Hall – Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5 pm

The exhibition will run from 29 November – 22 December 2017
The exhibition will be officially launched on Thursday 30 November by Fiona Hilary Industry Fellow & Lecturer Master of Arts – Art in Public Space, School of Art – RMIT University.


Keep Up presents Floating Mantis

Keep Up present Floating Mantis! (

Keep Up is excited to announce in celebration of launching our website and online store/gallery, we will be taking over Floating Mantis at Mojos Bar Fremantle on November 23rd 😎

With a huge lineup boasting the amazing work by 40 of our affiliated artists, aswell as our whole range of apparel being available on the night for a discounted price, not to mention all of this being along side the rad lineup of live music for the night at a absolute banging venue, this will be one not to miss!
Stay tuned for updates and a chance to win yourself some prizes on the night. 🙂


Music lineup: Dream RimmyYomi ShipCooper & The Catz – Playground! – (Naomi Robinson) – TeleteTess BuryGuilhem Thérond

See you there!


James Cooper: A Fly Doing Figure Eights

Please join us for the opening of ‘A Fly Doing Figure Eights’ by James Cooper.
A Fly Doing Figure Eights will present a series of paintings, drawings and sculptures which interrogate the semiotics of contemporary image culture and explore the potential of imagery to be used as a form of language. Motifs are accumulated in order to instigate associative readings and allow for paths of ideas and allusions to intersect and produce new understandings of narrative.James Cooper is an early career West Australian artist working predominantley with paint and drawing. Cooper graduated Curtin University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Art. Cooper has exhibited in the ‘Got it for Cheap’ exhibition series, at Shopfront Gallery, Paper Mountain and has been shown in London, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen and New York.

Catalogue text by Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle


Where: 52 Adelaide Street, Fremantle, Western Australia 6160
Opening: 6pm – 8pm, Saturday November 11th
Exhibition open 10am – 5pm Thursday – Sunday until November 26th.
Because MANY 2.0 retail space will be closed during the opening, please enter through the side door, off Westgate Mall.


‘SSS17’ – Solo exhibition by Sssaladdd

Melbourne crew come on down and join us for a night of celebrations for Sssaladdd’s solo exhibition.
Sssaladdd is a Melbourne based artist who is showcasing a large series of work for his solo exhibition ‘SSS17’ at Soma Gallery in Brunswick.
Salad is a multifaceted artist dedicated to art forms ranging from painting and drawing to graffiti and photography. Recent work has been influenced by the nostalgia of old cartoons with a level of abstraction based on composition and colour. Salad’s aim is to consistently put out quality work in a range of mediums so he can expand and cultivate his skillset across all different genres.
You can see some works from the show on my Instagram @sssaladdd and attached is the poster for the show!

Anthony Lister – ‘Homeless Among the Gum Trees

“When Brisbane released Anthony Lister as a hostage to the legal system for his extraordinary beautification of what was otherwise another country town, he came to Sydney where all the creative DNA and spiritual memes within his imagination found an ideal concrete palette.

Sydney is the cauldron of witchcraft, with a pinch of creative criminology and endless outpourings of identity displacement and countless freaks and geeks without a cause, even the homeless adore Lister for adding to their skyline and ceilings—some fantastic things to look at from the gutter. Lister pours his paint over the places the public poor inhabit, Sydney is an enfant terrible’s playground where crime intercepts with crooked cops as a respected way of life, where he makes the ordinary become extraordinary with just a roller, spray-gun and the gift that Banksy described as “you appear to piss great art in your sleep”.

Lister has uncovered the dark mythology hidden under the Westfieldian plains, from the horned man of the ashes of Luna Park where Martin Sharp roamed for a while, where sniffer dogs nuzzle women’s crotches in search of drugs while the importers dine in mansions sublime, with bankers and merchants on harbor side balconies, their purchased wives laid out ‘like patients etherized upon a table’.

Most of all, Lister is democratic, he scorns hypocrisy and skates with dirty knotted haired street boys with the same panache as he brings to the rich man’s commissioned work.

Sydney is a slut with her legs wide open between the North and South Heads.”

– Charles Waterstreet
September, 2017

View the trailer for the documentary HAVE YOU SEEN THE LISTERS?- screened last month at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). “From award-winning filmmaker Eddie Martin comes an up-to-the-minute snapshot of the life and creative processes of outspoken ‘visual freedom fighter’ Anthony Lister, Australia’s most renowned street artist.” MIFF

Kim Kim Kim’s Solo “Mirror Stage”

Kim Hyunji, aka KIM KIM KIM, is a painter from South Korea, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Recognising Australia’s multiculturalism and diversity, Hyunji’s main subjects are the culturally attuned creatives of her generation, the Millennials. In real life and social media, she often observes the impacts of a globalised society – its conveniences, and pitfalls. Her unique style of portraiture is intended to portray the issues this generation is facing.

Her accurate yet expressive style embraces figural distortion to capture the internal reality of her subjects with the outward reality of their postures. In this exhibition, Kim Hyunji evokes feelings of her generation; alienation, angst, and perhaps hope of a brighter future. Hyunji is primarily interested in how social media can be used to create a persona. The internet offers us many tools in how we present our virtual presence to others, making the self-curation of our lives increasingly accessible.

“Social media can be useful for those wishing to write a particular narrative vision of themselves.”
– Kim Hyunji

Hyunji’s work investigates the cause and effects of curated self-presentation, and how it may be empowering, misleading, or influential. She calls to question what may get left behind after careful thought of self-image and is concerned with what may remain hidden or deemed unfit for external projections of character.

In collaboration with her models, Hyunji has created a stunning vignette into the lives of her peers, on canvas, acrylic and paper, beyond the self-curated images projected via social media. ‘Mirror Stage’ opens at Backwoods Gallery September 15th at 6pm and continues until October 1st.

Keep Up Klan Group Exhibition

At the end of last year Keep Up Klan put together on of Perth’s biggest group shows, held at Beyond Skate in North Perth. The show boasted talent of over 40 artists from Australia, majority of which residing in Perth. With a huge turnout and plenty of sales made on the night, not to mention such amazing vibes put on by all those attended, it was abundantly clear the opening night and exhibition in general was a huge success and we can’t wait for the next one!